David M. Edwards 

Imperial College, London

O Instituto de Física comemora

50 Anos de Fundação

  1. O Prof. David Edwards visitará o Instituto no período de 11-21 de março e apresentará na quinta-feira 13 de março o Colóquio

  1. Outras atividades (seminários e discussões científicas) estão sendo planejadas pelo Prof. José d´Albuquerque e Castro (E-mail: jcastro@if.ufrj.br,  Tel: +55 (21) 2562-7747, Sala: A-432/11)

Fifty years of the Hubbard model, from magnetism and

metal-insulator transitions to superconductivity and cold atoms 

(Cinquenta anos do modelo de Hubbard, de magnetismo e transistores metálico-isolantes à superconductividade e átomos frios)

  1. Professor David Edwards was the Head of the Mathematical Physics Section of the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London, from 1988 until his official retirement in 1999. He is still on the College staff as a Senior Research Investigator.

  2. His research in Condensed Matter Theory over the past fifty years is described in about 150 papers on the following topics: itinerant electron magnetism; chemisorption; strongly correlated electron systems including heavy fermions, high temperature superconductors and the Mott transition; spin waves in metals and alloys; surface magnetism; exchange coupling, magnetocrystalline anisotropy, giant magnetoresistance and current-induced switching of magnetization in magnetic multilayers ; metamagnetic transitions; density functional theory; quantum phase transitions.

  3. The main areas of his current research are:

  4. Theory of nanomagnetism (spintronics), particularly the switching of magnetization and movement of domain walls by spin-polarized current.

  5. Theory of strongly correlated systems, including ultra-cold atoms. 

  6. Eighteen research students have received their PhD degrees under his supervision